13 2 / 2014

                                  What’s new in Dare 5.03

Dare 5.03 contains an important update: an optional Dare_xxxxx secret ID.

The App store now requires that all person to person communications include an ID. Apple has started enforcing this requirement and has asked us and other popular apps to implement it. 

Benefits to using a secret ID

- Asking unnamed questions 
You can ask unnamed questions by using your secret ID. 
Your name and your profile image will not appear with the question. 

- Blocking unwanted unnamed questions 
Tap on the secret ID and block it. 
Once blocked that Darer cannot ask you unnamed questions. 

- Reporting abusive unnamed questions 
Tap on the ID and report it so we can take appropriate action. 


- How do I protect my secret ID? 
Never show or tell your secret ID to anybody unless you want them to know it.  Remember that once they know they could tell others 

- Can someone associate my real identity with my secret ID? 
Unless you tell others it is hard to impossible to know who is behind a secret ID.  Darers can try to figure out who is behind a secret ID by comparing questions and trying to infer the real identity from the words used or the type of questions asked. But they would only be guessing and this was always possible without secret ID. 

- Does everybody have a secret ID? Is it unique? 
Yes. Every Darer has secret ID and it is unique. 

- Do other Darers see my secret ID? 
Only the Darer you ask the question to sees your secret ID with the question. There is nothing linking your secret ID to your real identity. 

18 4 / 2013

Over the last year we have observed a striking development: shorter videos are significantly more popular than longer ones. And this is true on all fronts. On average, klips that are shorter than 1 minute receive over three times more views, likes and comments than longer klips!

Based on our community’s strong preference for consuming and interacting with shorter videos, klips are now 1 minute or less. We arrived at this decision after a great deal of thought and consideration. During the last year you have voted with your fingertips and the message is loud and clear: on Klip, less is more.

18 4 / 2013

Ever since we started building Klip in 2011, our mission has been to connect people through the magic of mobile video. Today we are excited to launch Klip 4.5 for iPhone, which makes the Klip experience more immersive and more social than ever before.

On Klip 4.5, you’ll first notice a beautiful, new design with an emphasis on simplicity and speed. Gone are traditional navigation bars that limit screen real estate. In their place are powerful new design elements, such as the floating, translucent record button that is present throughout the app. You’re never more than a tap away from sharing a video update and keeping up with your friends.

You’ll also find a deeper, richer consumption experience. That’s because your feed now contains a variety of story types, not just videos. You can more easily see what your friends are up to, as well as discover interesting new people and content. And you can quickly filter your feed to zero-in on the stories you care most about.

Looking to keep tabs on all your Klip activity in one place? Check out the first ever Live Menu, which beautifully display a preview of the most recent items for each feed within Klip and, most powerfully, updates this preview in real-time. Glance to see which friends have sent you a video message recently or scan thumbnails of the latest klips in your feeds — all from the Live Menu!

Keeping in touch with friends through video and text messages has never been easier. The popular Klip Messages feature is now fully integrated across the app and you can directly message friends from either their video or profile page.

Get Klip 4.5 in the App Store today!